* Music Playing at COIR Figure Sessions

SFSC LogoIn the event that any of you or your skaters attend a Canterbury Figure Skating session, please find below the following advice from their rink management in regard to music playing at COIR Figure Sessions:-

Hi Everyone,

As you may be aware, most program music for future Figure Skating events held at COIR will  be played in mp3 format via a laptop pc in lieu of CD’s.

It is intended that COIR will phase out CD’s for use in private Figure Practice sessions, and therefore the aging, battered CD player currently in use will formally be retired from service in due course (date to be advised).

The rink has a 3.5mm plug at the barrier which can be used for all headphone jack ports in most portable music players for Figure Practice sessions.

(Please take note that when recording music, it is of sufficient volume when played via the rink’s sound system. It is always easier to reduce volume rather that to turn it up if the system is at maximum volume and it still not being loud enough).

I ask that all Figure Skaters and/or Coaches commence transferring practice/program music to your portable devices now, in preparation for a final cut off of CD’s which will be planned within the coming months.


Wayne Disbery
Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink
17a Phillips Ave Canterbury NSW 2193
Ph 02 97894244
Fax 02 97894094