Hi everyone.

Please see the below information regarding changes to the NCAS. Due to the changes APSA will be implementing a new accreditation scheme, new mentor, assessing and presenter courses which will include a sports specific component.

The ASC are encouraging of sports implementing their own programs. As the accreditation is owned and run by APSA, APSA will be responsible for the appointment of all mentor, assessors and presenters. We will also be implementing a pole and overhead harness accreditation program.

We will be meeting with coaches across the country to explain the new system, equivalency and answer any questions you may have. We ask for your patience at this time as there is still a lot of work to be done and until it is completed we are unable to publish it. This is because changes will be made along the way and we do not want coaches to have the incorrect information.

This is an exciting time for APSA and the future of coach education and accreditation.

Monica MacDonald
APSA President